IT Careers for Girls

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explains why women should be interested in tech...and apply for a job at YouTube.

Kathryn Minshew, cofounder and CEO, The Muse talks about embracing mistakes while finding your passion. 

Tiffany is an Information Technology professional who shares her pursuit of passion and accomplishment in technology.

Female role models give a brief introduction to IT Careers and the growth of women within the Industry.

Yahoo! executive Marissa Mayer talks about changing her major from Biology to Computer Science. 

Female IBM leaders share their personal story, their journey thus far to their current position & also what specifically has inspired them to continue their work within the technology sector. 

Made with Code: Miral Kotb, Founder of iLuminate. See how Miral combined her love of dancing with technology. 

Made with Code: Erica Kochi, UNICEF's Innovation Unit. See how you can change the world using code. 

Made with Code: Fran Kalal, Pixar Animation Studios. See how Fran took her love of art and combined it with coding to land her dream job at Pixar Animation Studios. Learn to how to animate your drawings with code.

Made with Code: Brittany Wenger, Student Fighting Cancer. See how Brittany is using computer coding to discover new patterns in cancer research.