IT Careers for Girls

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Whether you're still figuring out what career to pursue, or on the hunt for something new, we've rounded up the absolute best IT career resources out there.

As more and more industries have stepped into the digital age, tech has become an integral part of our economy. Computer science is a growing field, and we have a serious lack of qualified engineers in the U.S.

It’s time for women to bust through the stereotypes and clichés that claim men are more suited for careers in technology.

Why? Because not only is there a lack of technology professionals in general, but women bring unique solutions to new problems.

How? The female brain and human experience is fundamentally different from our male counterparts. Intuitively and philosophically, the balance of both gender’s strengths makes for stronger development and product teams. 

Tech firms are beginning to observe and appreciate the differences in thought patterns women bring to their companies. They're looking for women like you who are confident in their abilities and can stand alongside those in neck ties in collaboration and innovation!

Women are needed in this industry. It's time to go out, build stuff, break stuff and state your ideas and opinions with confidence.  It’s time to figure out where you belong!